What you need to effectively treat your knee pain

Treating your knee pain requires a medical professional’s diagnosis, a therapist-recommended rehabilitation programme plan, and medication to help you cope with the pain as you try to get better. Here are some things you need to help you recover from knee pain.

Knee sleeves and brace

You’ll need a knee sleeve and brace if you have a knee pain and/or knee injury. They serve different purposes, and it’s important you know this.

  • A knee sleeve acts as a compression wrap, to encourage blood flow. It does not protect you if you have a current injury. It compacts your knee so that the risk of getting a new injury is mitigated.
  • A knee brace protects your current injury from getting worse by having a structure around it. For example, if you’ve had surgery, and a new graph in your knee, a solid knee brace protects that graph from the outside. For example, if someone bump into you and you fall, the brace will take most of the impact.

Joint supplements

I took joint supplements to help reduce the swelling in my knee pre- and post-surgery. It worked great! I strongly encourage you to discuss with your doctor before taking any supplements. I highly recommend curcumin supplements as it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Ice packs

Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate – these are the most important things to do to reduce swelling. Icing your knee is incredibly important. Ice packs have been crucial to my recovery, I have three of them:

My reliable ice packs that helped my knee reduce its swelling
My reliable ice packs that helped my knee reduce its swelling. Got them off Amazon.

Key thing about icing your knee is to ensure you regularly do it. If the ColdOne ice packs are too expensive, try the alternatives below:

It’s important to note not to spend hundreds of dollars on a product if you’ve never tried it. Somewhere below $50 is an purchase that is worth trying. This is to ensure that the product fits you well. Even if you bought something for $25 and it doesn’t work out, you can write it off. I guarantee you that wouldn’t hurt your pocket as much as a $400 purchase that doesn’t fit you.